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Well, what a very intense two weeks it's been! Let's see... the Impertinent Daughter got cleated in the ankle during a game four weeks ago, and has never gotten better, despite rest (okay, as much rest as you can force on an active 14 year old), ice, and ibuprofen. So, I took her to our regular doctor, who immediately benched her and after reviewing x-rays, determined that while there were no stress fractures, she needed to see an orthopedic specialist.

In the meantime, soccer season opened for the recreation league on Saturday, so the Impossible Son had his first game. And it was cold, extremely windy, and a brief shower. Which meant we were cold, wet, and miserable at first. It only rained for maybe 8 minutes, but it managed to soak me from the knees down, and the wind blew it up under the hem of my jeans and completely soaked the ankles of my wool socks, which then seeped down into my shoes. Mr. Impossible was soaked through to his Under Armour cold gear and was shivering, even after I shoved his hoodie on him, yes, I literally shoved it on him because he didn't want to wear it!. The Husbandly One, being such a Killer Macho Dude, chose to acknowledge that it was chilly by wearing jeans instead of shorts, and only wore his light coach's shirt instead of putting on a jacket. Needless to say, he spent a great deal of time either rubbing his hands together, shoving them into his pockets while hunching, or shivering.

*insert eye-roll here*

Mr. Impossible started off as a forward, but seemed to slow down more and more as the first half went on. And the kid the coach had chosen to play goalie had never played it before and had all the attention span of a gnat, so he only noticed a ball coming into the goalbox after it got shot in. So, 5 goals later, she switched out GnatMan with Mr. Impossible.

Of course, after the game, we found out why he wasn't playing like himself. He changed clothes, curled up on the couch to play his DS, then came to me an hour later saying, "Mom, I have a headache." The next thing we knew, he was hotter than a baked potato. I stuck a thermometer in him and whoa, it was 102 F!!!

An hour after that, I was peering into his throat and wondering just how the hell he was breathing, because his tonsils were so swollen, they were almost touching! And everything in there was bright red! Hello, Benadryl!! I was pretty sure at that point our old friend Steve, the Strep Bug, had made yet another visit to our home.

So, Monday rolls around. Monday was the day the Impertinent One was supposed to go to the orthopedic doctor. So, bright and early, I started calling our regular doctor to get Mr. Impossible in because, yes, still sick, with the added attraction of a lovely bumpy rash covering his stomach, groin, and back. WOO-HOO!!!

They couldn't get him in until 1:30.

Miss Priss had an appointment in San Marcos at 3.

Oh, yeah, THAT was fun!

Dose Impossible with Benadryl for itching, run to freshman campus to pick up Impertinent, take both to Dr. W. here in town. Sit in the waiting room, twitching and looking at time, thinking, "I have to be out of here at least by 2:30 to be even close to not being late." Finally get in, they swab his throat, and he's so positive for strep, the tester starts changing the second they put the swab in the medium. So, I called the ortho, Dr. S, told him what was going on and said, "Okay, so... do I bring her in with Impossible in tow, or do we cancel and make another appointment?"

I hear a brief flurry of conversation in the background, and then he says, "Bring her in, but your son needs to have a mask on, and if you've got hand cleaner, use it!"

So that meant a swing by the pharmacy to pick up a small package of masks, and turn in Impossible's prescription, and I love my pharmacy, because they let me grab what I needed and not pay for it until I was back in town.

Dr. S, after an extremely paranoid look at my son, poked and prodded Impertinent's ankle and peered at the x-rays, and confirmed no breaks, no stress fractures... it was a badly sprained ankle that hadn't been allowed to heal, and he gave her a very stern look at that. She's off athletics for four weeks, and she's to go for physical therapy during that time. Seems the ligaments and tendons in her ankle are loose and need to be built back up and if she doesn't do it now, she'll be chronically prone to injuries in that ankle.


When we finally got home, I was ready to collapse. Two nights of little to no sleep, and then all of that? Yeah, I was wiped!

The Impossible Son went back to school today, and I'm hoping like heck the rash he has now is still from strep, and not because he's developed an allergy to the antibiotic he's on. And I'm hoping like heck I didn't get it from him, because I've got a fever and I haven't had a chance to buy new toothbrushes yet.

Oh, and the high school soccer team had their last game last night, which Miss Impertinent could not play in, and it was killing her to have to sit on the bench and have the coach turn to her, about to put her in, and remember that she couldn't play... she was not a happy camper when she came home after.

I need to call the therapy center today to set her up and get her started. And email her coach again about starting her on Pilates.

I think I'll be incredibly stubborn and just refuse to get sick. That'll work, right?

*falls face-first into bed*
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My son has been driving me up the wall today.

I took him to the doctor today, because he's had a really juicy cough the last few days, and it's gotten worse. So... the doctor listens to his lungs (which sound remarkably good, but I've had him on the nebulizer for two days), and then peers into his throat and says, "Well, his throat's not red, but since the Impertinent Daughter had strep, I'll have him swabbed anyway."

Guess what? It was positive for strep.


That's not why he's driving me crazy, though. He was a little hyper before, because his temperature started shooting up after I left the doctor's office. But after we got home, and I'd given him his antibiotic... well, thirty minutes later, he was off the charts!!

I had also given him Benadryl, with the doctor's suggestion that it might make him rest.

There is something that the Benadryl and the antibiotic have in common that I had forgotten about entirely.


The Impossible Son goes ballistically hyper when he's had certain dyes. No, really, I mean, he is completely uncontrollable, and literally vibrates he gets so hyper. He can't have popsicles (unless they're made with natural fruit juices and no dyes) or Skittles, or fruit chews, or any candies that have dyes, etc. I had forgotten about the dyes in Benadryl, and it looks like I will either have to ask for a dye free version of liquid Azithromax, or ask the doctor to prescribe the tablets, since they don't have the dye in them.

Thank goodness it's only for four more days!

I have to admit, my patience is rather short at the moment. All the stress of the last two weeks has decided to manifest itself as a migraine, so... I'm dealing with my hyper-maniac son while also trying to deal with my need to SLEEP off the migraine. Lovely.

Sad thing is, he knows it, and he wants to take care of me, but his version of "taking care of Mama" when he's like this is to pat my forehead (it's rather like having a mini-jackhammer on my skull) and ask me the first things that pop into his mind. "Mom? Mom! Mom? Mom? Mama! Mama? Which Pokemon do you like best, Charzar or oh, wait a minute, Total Drama Island, can we watch it? I like to watch it, but first, can I listen to the He's turtle-crazy, he's turtle mad song? And can I have some chicken nuggets? But first, can I have some of my Halloween candy, and can I have TWO pieces this time instead of one? When is Miss Priss coming home? Is it time to get her yet? Can I go outside and play? Oh yeah, everybody else is at school. Can I have some candy? Oh, right, no, but wait, can I play a game on Oh, I want some tea, no, wait, I want some Koolaid... um... Mom? Why is your face getting all twisty and funny?"

Because Mama is on Full Sensory Overload, kiddo! AAAAAAAUGH!!!

The funny thing is, THO and I were afraid he wouldn't slow down, because he was still rarin' to go at 9:30, and then we finally got him in the tub, and then into bed, and I was reading... or trying to read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to him. He was asking questions every five seconds, "Why was Umbridge in the fire? Why did she think Sirius was in the fireplace? Why didn't the fire burn her? Do you think Sirius looked funny when he was in the fire? Why couldn't Ron silence his raven, Mama? What do ravens look like? Do we have ravens here? Can you help me find one? Wait, what were you reading again?"

And then, I realized I had actually managed to read an entire sentence without interruption, and looked up... only to find him completely passed out.


I am dreading giving him the antibiotic tomorrow. THO said I should send him to school, but I'm thinking I'll be getting a frantic phone call from his teacher if I do. You know, "OMG, what's the matter with him, he's uncontrollable, and he's normally so sweet and attentive!"

It's tempting. But... I happen to like his teacher! Oh well!

I think I shall go soak in a hot tub and attempt to un-frazzle!
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Whew! Got my [profile] rontoberfest finished up and sent off, what a RELIEF!!

Talked to my mom. Dad is going to be in the hospital for a while, but he's doing much better. He has pneumonia, but from the sounds in the background as I talked to her, is as feisty and mischievous as ever.

I've been under the weather myself. As I mentioned, the Asthma Monster has made a reappearance, and I've been Auntie the Human Slug since Sunday. And yesterday, Miss Priss woke up with a fever, head and chest congestion, and a very, very sore throat.

We went to the doctor today, both of us, and I told the doctor's PA about our activities on Saturday. She sighed, and said, "Well, you're not alone. We've had people in since Monday, all of them folks who went in to Houston over the weekend, and all of them are coughing, with low-grade fevers, and body aches... all of that. We're kind of jokingly calling it the Ike Flu."

Wow. But then not that surprising, really, considering the mold spore counts are off the scale in Houston, and there's rotting vegetation, garbage, backed up waterlines, water damaged houses and buildings, dead animals, etc... I got scolded for not wearing a mask outside, and all I could say was, "I didn't even think about it!"

The Impertinent Daughter got swabbed for strep (yes, Steve, the Strep Bug was looming over us with glee), but she was also sent for a mono panel, because looking at her throat, and listening to her symptoms, especially her fatigue, the PA is concerned Miss Priss may have mononucleosis. Great. I missed from Thanksgiving to well after New Year's my sophomore year because of mono. I certainly hope she doesn't have it! And yes, I've already let my mom know so she can tell the docs that Dad has possibly been exposed to it. We should know by tomorrow.

Her throat looks... awful. *shudders* I think perhaps I'll avoid looking at it, and just keep making warm salt water gargles for her.

As for me, my lungs sound clear (which is a relief) but the constant low grade fever is a concern so... I'm on an antibiotic, and a mucus thinner to make breathing a bit easier. Plus, I've also gotten a steroid shot. To tell you the truth, I'd rather get the shot than have to take one of those 6 day packs. I actually end up feeling worse after that!

So, I will trundle off to bed to read for now, maybe Inkheart or the newspaper... whichever I find first.

Duck, Auntie, Duck!!

Thursday, August 7th, 2008 09:57 am
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Okay. I finally went to see the doctor. Yes, I know, I know, I should have gone on Monday.

*hangs head in shame*

But I went! I went, and... I have strep. *sigh* I suspected I had strep, but what had me doubting it was the fact that I never ran anything but a low-grade fever, for about two days. The last time I had strep, I had the galloping 103 degree fever with chills and all that, so I guess it's understandable that I would be fooled.

However, I still have laryngitis, and I started with the fever again yesterday, and now I've got this deep, booming cough, and well... I've already had my brushes with pneumonia, and I really don't want to go there again!!

You know, I've had pneumonia more in the last two years than I've had in the 18 years since I was diagnosed with asthma!!

So, I'm on antibiotics, and hopefully, this will clear up in a few days.

*crosses fingers*

Oh, and I've been able to retrieve my word files from my old hard-drive (YAY!!!), which makes me unbelievably happy!!


Saturday, August 2nd, 2008 10:56 am
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I am sicker than a dog, y'all.

My throat's been sore the past couple of days, but I just figured it was (1) sinus drainage and (2) the fact they had a generic rather than Zyrtec-D at the pharmacy last time I went to buy more, and the generic just ain't doin' the job.

Then last night, it got worse, and I started losing my voice a bit, so I asked the Husbandly One to make me a hot toddy. Now, I have a very, very low alcohol tolerance, so THO is always rather careful when he makes toddies for me. I can always tell when he wants me to sleep because he'll make them a little stronger than usual, and we're both a little sleep deprived at the moment. So when I started feeling whoozy, I thought, okay, either he made this a little stronger than usual, or my tolerance level has dropped, because it's been a while since I've had anything alcoholic.

Finally, I woke him up and made him take the Impossible Son to his bed a lot earlier than I usually do, because I literally could not stay up any longer. He did, and decided to take an opportunity to get on the computer while I went to sleep. Next thing I know, I'm shivering under the covers and it feels like someone's been beating me all over with a bat. I had a FEVER!! After Advil, and a hot shower to relieve my body aches, I crawled back into bed to pass out for the rest of the night.

Now, my glands are HUGE, my throat is red and swollen, and while I have no fever at present (thanks to the Advil, again), I feel like crap. I suspect Strep.

Think I'm going to beg THO for a slushy. Because my throat HUUUUUURTS!!!

*whimpers and curls back up under the quilt*
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OMG, I'm tired.

I know I didn't mention it last week, but Steve came back for a visit.  For those of you not in the know, "Steve" is what I decided to name the strep bug that keeps coming to visit us at embarrassingly regular intervals.  I'm so sick of Steve that I'm ready to scream.

However, after a course of Zithromax, I thought the Impertinent Daughter was over it, and on the road to recovery.  Ha.  Silly me.  Tuesday afternoon, I went to pick the Impossible Son up from school.  Now, if Miss Priss hadn't forgotten her water bottle, things would have certainly been more frustrating.  But she did.  She had Running Club on Tuesday, and I filled her water bottle and brought it with me, picked up Mr. Manzie and said, "Hey, let's walk to the track so we can give your sister her water bottle."  It was very chilly, very windy... and very, very dry.  By the time I got to the track, my face felt tight because all the moisture had been sucked out of my skin by the wind.  However, my girl wasn't there.  The coach came over and said, "Oh, well, she looked terrible, and felt hot to me, so I sent her to the front office and told her to call you to come pick her up."

I nodded thoughtfully and felt my cellphone, in case I had left it on vibrate and just wasn't noticing the thing buzzing, since it was in an outer pocket of my jacket.  But no, not buzzing.  I said, "Well, Little Man, looks like we need to get your sister."  He sighed.  More walking in the wind and not getting in the car to get out of it.  He was tired of being a little boy kite that Mama had to hang onto every time the wind hit him.

After a quick call to the office to make sure Miss Priss stayed put, I snagged her, took one look at her flushed little face and thought, "Crap! Not again!!"  And when we got home, hello Mr. High Temperature!  102 F.  Lovely.  But... her throat was NOT sore, swollen, or red.  Yay.

No, she doesn't have strep.  She has a secondary infection.  And she's on antibiotics again, a different one.  And the doctor once again raised the spector of MONO!!  NO, NO, NO!!!  NOT MONO!!!


You know, the Husbandly One and I had arranged for kid free time this evening.  The kids' school has a "Kids' Night Out" thing, where the kids get to go hang out at the school for three hours so Mom and Dad can have a date, the kids can play with supervision... it's a win/win situation.  Now, however...*sigh*  

She has to stay in bed for the next three days.  Literally.  She's on bed rest.  If there's no significant improvement by Monday, we'll be going to have her tested for mono, and she's already wailing about soccer season, which starts March 3rd.  I have reassured her that even if she can't play, we will go to all her team's games so she can support them.  This is small comfort, but right now, until we know more, that's all I can give her.  Poor kid, she's been fretting and going nuts during the off-time between fall and spring soccer, wanting to play and only being able to kick around with a few of her friends.  

Good grief... am I actually thinking how much I'll miss being a human target if she doesn't get to play this season??  *thinks she's been hit in the head by one too many soccer balls*

Okay, any of you guys got any ideas of how I can entertain a seriously bored ten year old girl who is sick of watching tv and is supposed to stay in bed??  Really, I'm desperate, I'll take ANYTHING!!
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And the award for Most Un-Enthusiastic Game of Tag goes to.......... AUNTIE!!!

Yes, my son was trying to play tag with me while I was doing dishes.  He's starting to run a fever, and he was on the energetic side of the fever at that time.  I managed to convince him to put on his Sponge Bob pajamas (the No-Pants Dance got real old, real quick), because I noticed that he was shivering, despite his insistence that "I'm FINE, I'm WARM, Mama, REALLY, I AM!!"

So there I was, doing dishes, soaking out pots, that sort of thing.  It has to be done.  I hate doing dishes, but if I don't, what will we eat on?  Or with?  Or drink out of?  So anyway, I'm doing the dreaded dishes, wishing I could sit down, and here comes the Impossible Son, doing an exaggerated creeping up step, and he pokes my thigh, yelps, "YOU'RE IT!" and high-tails it for the living room.  Then he peeks around the door at me.  "Aren't you going to chase me?"


"But... why?"

I raise an eyebrow.  "Because I'm doing dishes, and you're sick.  Get back on the couch!"

He disappears.  I pick up a pot and start scrubbing, wondering if I have enough Motrin to keep the kids' fevers down, or do I need to run to the store when the Husbandly One gets home.  A finger pokes me in the thigh.  "YOU"RE IT!!"

I sigh.  "Yes.  I am IT."  I keep scrubbing.

"MOOOOOOM!!  You're not DOING it right!"

"What?  I'm not scrubbing the pot right?"

"NOOOO!!!!  You're supposed to be CHASING ME!!"

I snort.  "No.  You're supposed to get back in the bed you made me make for you on the couch with Bear, and Hot Wheels, and Grrrr, and REST!!"

"But I wanna PLAY!!"

I look at his flushed little face.  I know it won't be long, he's going to crash and not want to move so much as a pinky.  "Little Man, you need to be resting now.  Not playing.  Really."

Droop.  "Okay."  Sad trudge back to the living room.  I pick up a pitcher filled with the residue of Kool-Aid that someone let dry, and fill it to soak it out.  Poke.  "YOU"RE IT!!!"

I reach with a long arm and tap him on top of the head before he can get two steps away.  "You're it."

"AWWWW!!"  Poke.  "You're it!"

I snag his shoulder.  "You're it."

"MOOOOM!!!"  Poke in the back of my knee, making it bend and hit the cabinet door, and I have to grab the sink to keep from falling.  "YOU'RE it!"

On the way down, I grab him and dump him in my lap.  "You're it, you sneaky little stinker.  And now you're going to bed!"

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!"  He wriggles and squirms and tries to get away, but I have him now.  I get up, tuck him under my arm like a football and carry him into the living room, dumping him on the couch. 

"Stay!" I say.  I look at the Impertinent Daughter, who is absolutely miserable at this point.  She manages a wave, and focuses back on "Narnia."  (Miyazaki actually played out, surprise, surprise). 

The Impossible Son pouts and crosses his arms on his chest, frowning at the tv, and I go back into the kitchen.  When I peek back into the living room, they're both snoring.

Guess I'll be washing dishes tomorrow, too.

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....le sigh....

The kids are home with sore throats again.  I'm holding my breath that it's not strep... again.  We've gone almost TWO WHOLE MONTHS without strep.  I'm becoming rather resigned to it, though, to tell you the truth, and find that I'm no longer upset about it.  Mostly, I'm beginning to see it as just par for the course.  To the point where I'm actually considering giving it a NAME.  You know, since it's practically become a member of the family?

How about Steve?  That's sounds nice and friendly, doesn't it?  Like a not quite friend who keeps coming over and bugging you, mooching out of your fridge, borrowing your cd's and either never returning them, or returning them, but they've got a big ol' scratch right across your favorite song so it skips right at the part you like the most.  The kind where you say, "Um... why are we friends again?" and then you remember, oh yeah, because he's ALWAYS THERE!!

Kinda like strep.

So... Steve may or may not be back.  The kids aren't happy about it,, except that they get to stay home and watch all the Miyazaki movies they can stomach (which is a surprising amount, considering).  The Husbandly One offered me an olive branch for sins that I shall leave unmentioned by ordering "Whispers of the Heart" for me.  Would I be greedy to hope that the kids are back at school when it gets here so I can watch it all by myself without any interruptions?  

In other news, it's raining steadily.  It hasn't stopped for two days now.  We WERE in a drought, but I think somehow, we are making up our rain deficit all in one go.  Don't you know it's just killing my kids?  ALL THOSE PUDDLES!!!!  AND THEY CAN'T GO JUMP IN THEM!!!

Still, it'll be nice to see the trees looking happier, and maybe I can actually have a garden this year, instead of... hay.  It was so dry, we didn't even get pecans.  What few appeared, we let the squirrels have.  After all, it wouldn't feel right if I didn't have a bunch of pecan tree sprouts to pull up from highly inappropriate places come spring.  I can understand various parts of the yard, and some parts of the garden, but my flowerpots??  Under the deck??  In a dirt filled rubber boot?? (I oughta let that one grow, just for the novelty of it)  

Well, I see the natives are restless.  My son just appeared, wearing a Batman cape, an apron, and little else, declaring he was doing the "No-Pants Dance."  All this while coughing so hard his face was turning red.  I think I need to re-read the ingredients on that cough syrup.  Maybe I should take some, too.  After all, at this point, I could use some "alternate reality."
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You see that bear all curled up and hiding under the bed? That's me. Wanna know why that bear is hiding under the bed??

.....because THAT BEAR HAS STREP!!!!


Once the bear is over this, she's going to lumber over to the school, pin the principal to the desk and snarl into his face, "You are going to find the strep carrier who keeps reinfecting my kids, and you are going to report this person to the Health Department. Yes, I know the Health Department is a joke in this town, but you're going to do it anyway. And then, you are going to force this person to go to a doctor. If you have to accompany this person and tie them to a chair, you are going to do it. And we are going to force-feed this person antibiotics because I am EXTREMELY tired of buying new toothbrushes, and being sick, and having to take care of whiny, sick, complaining little people. Because if you don't, I WILL!!"

Yes, it's a nice fantasy, isn't it?

*grumble grumble, grumble... snarl*
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Good morning, F-List!

My dad sent this to me yesterday.  I thought y'all might find it entertaining.  I'm not a big Elvis fan myself, but... it made me smile in a day otherwise very short of them.

 (Okay, the link decided to place itself at the bottom, so go down to the little blue line and clicky.  Live Journal confuses me since the last batch of changes they made.  *sigh*)


The Impertinent Daughter has strep... again.  The Impossible Son is teetering on the edge of getting strep.  I told him, "You are not allowed to get strep.  You are not to get sick, do you hear me?"

He gave me one of those looks, actually raising an eyebrow as he eyed me somewhat sourly.  I fully expected him to say something like, "Bite me," but instead, he said, "You're really tired, aren't you, Mama?"

"What does that have to do with it?" I asked, raising my own eyebrow.

"You get grumpy and silly when you're really tired."  He patted my shoulder comfortingly.   "Don't worry.  It'll all come up in the toaster."

I thought it was extremely unfair that he was channeling my mother-in-law.

Oh well.  It's supposed to be rainy and cold this weekend.  I wasn't planning on going anywhere anyway.  Besides, my hair is growing out and looks like it's trying to escape from my head.  Forget Hermione hair... think more like... Albert Einstein hair.  Maybe I should just shave it all off and start all over again?  Maybe a really great hat...except I don't have any really great hats.  I know... I just won't leave the house until it grows out at least another six inches!  Yeah, that's a plan!!  

*grumble, grumble*
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Oh, this is it! The final straw! If you see a woman sitting on the curb, pulling out handfuls of hair as she rocks back and forth, well, that's not me. I'm the one standing by the building, rhythmically banging my skull into the bricks. AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

The Impertinent Daughter finished her last dose of Zithromax last night. She had no fever yesterday. By the time she went to bed, her tonsils were no longer swollen. However, the Impossible Son, who is on a different antibiotic, STARTED running a high temp last night, and both of them have liquidy sounding coughs. Then Miss Priss started looking, well, you know how kids look when they start feeling bad, and she had that look. I took her temperature. 99, just enough to feel bad. I got the flashlight to peer down her throat...AAAAUUGGHHH! Swollen tonsils!! Red throat. Swollen glands! NOOOOOO!!!! I looked in Mr. Manzie's throat. AAAAUUGGHHH!!! Same thing!! So, we tripped in to the doctor's office, and after listening to Miss Priss, and feeling her glands, and observing her, said, "You know, it might be mono. It's starting to make the rounds, and she would be right in line for it, having just recovered from strep."

Great. And she has soccer camp in July, which, if this is mono, she won't be going to. Now don't get me wrong, soccer camp can take a flying leap where the Impertinent Daughter's health is concerned. But... the money...sigh... Well, we're waiting 48 hours. If she doesn't improve, then we have to return for a blood draw. Hopefully the Husbandly One will be able to go with us. Not fun. Not fun at all.

Somewhere in the middle of this, I need to try to manage to get some sleep. I'm strung out on caffeine as it is, and oh... I'm trying not to whine, but zarking fardwarks! Pickles! Puckernuts!! I am NOT a happy camper!! I know what I'll do, I'll go buy two pints of Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie and eat until I get the Migraine From Hell. By the time I wake up from the coma, it'll be a whole new world! Oh, puckernuts. Someone has to give the kids their meds. So much for that brilliant plan.

I'll get through this, I'll get through this, I'll get through this... and I'll get them through it, too. Rest assured, when the Husbandly One gets home, he'll probably bundle Auntie off into a hot tub while he goes and does something silly with the kids. I'll get through this, I'll get through this, I'll get through this...

One of those days...

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006 12:32 pm
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It's hard not to feel discouraged sometimes. The Impertinent Daughter has strep... again. This is the seventh time since November. In fact, she's been getting it like clockwork, around the first of every month. I've been racking my brain trying to think of what it is around the first of every month that would, I don't know, drive her resistance down, or what we do different, where do we go... but so far, it eludes me.

Her pediatrician, Dr. V., has speculated that it was a child or adult at her school that had undiagnosed strep and was just reinfecting everyone. "In fact, Auntie," she said as she watched Miss Priss slumped in misery last month on the treatment table, "I wouldn't be surprised if she gets it around Memorial day... but I WILL be surprised if she gets it around the first week of July."
"Why is that?" I asked, though I already suspected the answer.
"Because she'll still be dealing with her exposure in school around Memorial Day, but by July, she'll have been out of school for a month. If she gets it then, then we need to do some serious talking about where to go next."


So... here I am, trying not to grind my teeth. Miss Priss is in bed, running 102 and not interested in anything at all, not even reading the latest "Gregor the Overlander" book. Sir Edmund Hilarity, our giant Siamese cat, is curled up with her, purring his lovesong to her and trying to soothe her in his own way. And all I can really do is give her Advil, and crush ice for her to suck on. Make endless cups of Throat Soother's tea with liberal dollops of honey, along with cautious kisses (Let's face it, I don't want strep! I have to take care of everybody, I can't get sick! Moms cannot get sick, it's a Law of the Universe, and I don't want to get cited again!) and keeping the Impossible Son out of her hair. He wants to take care of her, not realizing his care is driving her nuts.

Doesn't help that she's hormonal. Oh, yes, did I mention? The big P is hovering over our house. Yes, the Impertinent Daughter is going through Puberty. We had to go buy a couple of bras last night, because all of a sudden >poing!< there they were! Nipples! I had noticed them a while back, but she noticed them yesterday morning when she got dressed and realized they were visible through her shirt. Not a happy camper. Yay for athletic bras. It made her happy.

Now, to just get her through this bout of strep. And ...groan... we have to buy new toothbrushes...AGAIN!! Oh, maybe I'll just go huddle in the corner and write some slash or something. That's productive, right? No one will notice, right? Anybody want to help crush ice? Anyone?

Keeping it sane....


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