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So, after taking a year off, the Impertinent Daughter is now an art major at Texas State University (not to be confused with the University of Texas). And, as happens when one is in art school, she is progressing by leaps and bounds!

For example...

Now, for her university studies course, she's been asked to interview/follow around someone who actually works in her chosen major, with the idea of getting a realistic picture of what she can expect, and that's where y'all come in. I know there are more than a few of you who actually work as illustrators or professional artists in real life. If one of you would be willing to allow the Impertinent Daughter to interview you, that would be awesome! Comment here or PM me and thank y'all in advance!
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So, last Friday night, this happened...

Yes, after twelve years of alphabets, numbers, packages and packages of lined paper and crayons, dodgy math education and questionable science, hoping that this year she gets a good teacher, hoping that the district keepsthe good teacher, crying when the district lost a good teacher, two bouts of mono, freezing in the stands and cheering for her while watching her play soccer, then holding her when the coach turned out to be a major asshole, endless teacher conferences and meetings with the principal to argue against stupidity in administration, doing the happy-happy-joy-joy dance with her teachers when something went right, many, many MANY bento lunches, and lots of hugs, love, and encouragement... the Impertinent Daughter has graduated from high school.

Even through the many obstacles that were thrown up at the end, like having to have a stupid orange paper signed by teachers that my daughter NEVER HAD and pay any fees that were owing OR SHE WOULDN'T BE ALLOWED TO WALK ACROSS THE STAGE TO GET HER DIPLOMA, my daughter graduated.

And it was a wonderful, joyous ceremony, too! I have to share!

There was a brouhaha because of the threat of rain, and we weren't sure whether we'd be able to hold it at the high school stadium or not, but the weather remained clear. As parents, the Husbandly One and I were seated on the football field (the ceremony was held on the field, with everyone else sitting in the stands), and we got to watch our daughter file in with her classmates, that million megawatt smile in full evidence when she spotted us. The Tall Blonde told me later that past graduations were much more solemn and controlled than this one, but this one? Well, let's just say the Impertinent Daughter's influence on her classmates was most clearly seen in this ceremony.

And, I will also say it was because Mrs. Sees-Plots-Everywhere has been the grade-level principal for this particular group of seniors since they were in sixth grade. Well, actually, she was placed on administrative leave for a year after 8th grade because of the howling protest all of us parents put up. Unfortunately, she turned up at the high school when they got there for 10th grade. So, when I say Mrs. Sees-Plots-Everywhere had an influence on how this group handled their graduation, I don't mean it as a compliment.

Let me put it this way, when the valedictorian gave her speech, she directly contradicted what Mrs. Sees-Plots-Everywhere said in her speech to the kids earlier, her "Your years in high school are the best years of your life," or some such nonsense. Valedictorian said, "Guys, don't make high school the best years of your life. Those are yet to come. If high school is the best time of your life, then your life is going to suck." Or something to that effect. But the best part of her speech was the end, when she said, "Okay, remember what we discussed? On the count of three, one... two... three..." and the seniors shouted, "DOBBY IS FREEEEEEE!!"

Oh, yeah. Awesome. And boy, didn't Mrs. Sees-Plots-Everywhere looked puzzled?

The other funny thing? The beach balls. OMG, y'all, the moment that woman started speaking, the beach balls bounced up from everywhere among the seniors. And silly string!! Streamers!! CONFETTI CANNONS!!! It was EPIC!!


Adding insult to injury? In previous years, when administrators and security caught the balls, they'd pop them with knives and dispose of them. This year? THEY THREW THEM BACK TO THE KIDS AND EVEN JOINED IN ON THE FUN!!


I noticed all the kids were hugging Mrs. Sees-Plots-Everywhere and thought that was weird, but I also noticed they were draping something around her neck. I found out later the hug was REQUIRED (by guess who?), but I was vastly entertained when I found out that what the kids were giving her and draping around her neck were their school ID's and lanyards.

If that isn't the biggest "fuck you, bitch!" I don't know what is!!

Oh, yes, the kids got their hits back in on Mrs. Sees-Plots-Everywhere, and did it with humor, class, and the full participation of the rest of the staff! In fact, the entire ceremony pretty much fell apart when it was time for her to give the closing speech. No one knows what it was, because everyone was pretty much up and moving to take photos with their kids, or leaving the stadium.

If that doesn't give a clear impression of "No one in this district respects you," then I have little hope of anything getting the message across to her.

But I care not. Do you know why? Because my beautiful, wonderful, brilliant, talented, artistic, and just plain epically awesome daughter graduated from high school, and did it her way.


The first photograph is mine, but credit for the gifs go to [personal profile] krystiegoddess, who was much calmer than me and took more photos than I did. I fully expect to return the favor in a few years when it's her turn!


Friday, July 12th, 2013 09:12 am
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The Husbandly One surprised me yesterday with a brand new MacBook Air!!!

I was not expecting a new laptop this soon at all. I mean, I was hoping for one, since my Vaio died such an ignominious death (and I'm still hoping I can recover the hard drive), but not expecting one at any time before my birthday... maybe. So... I'm really happy!

Writing while out and about has been difficult since losing the Vaio. In fact, the last two times at the library while the kids were at their summer Animanga Club meetings was... frustrating. Trying to use THO's netbook sucked, because... one, it's Windows, and two, THO spilled liquid in the keyboard and thus, some of the keys are sticky, plus it's only got a partial version of Windows 7 (it came that way, if you want the actual full OS... you have to buy it. Extra. Yeah.) so it runs a little slow and it doesn't like using Word. I mean, it will run it, but it considers Word a bit dodgy and thinks less of you for using it.

I admire the Husbandly One's fortitude in using the damn thing.

The second time we were at the library, I borrowed the Impertinent Daughter's MacBook, and realized only after getting to the library that while I had installed Word for Mac on it (at her request, since her school uses Windows), I had not yet installed Pages... and the files on my USB drive were for Pages. I managed a work-around and did fine after that, but that should be one of my goals today, to install iWork on her Mac.

I finally asked THO about taking the Vaio somewhere to get it fixed, because, dammit, I need something to write on, something portable!! Dammit!!

And it wasn't like yesterday wasn't surreal on its own, you know? The Impertinent Daughter finished up the classroom instruction part of the driving course offered at the high school (by an independent driving school) and came home much earlier than I expected, and hit her own version of the Wall of Fatigue. So I left her at home to take a nap, with a guardian little brother, and went for a blissfully peaceful grocery shopping trip. And I'm glad, too, because that's where the surreal part of my day started.

It started with an unexpectedly deep voice behind me saying, "Can I get that for you, Mrs. J?" when I was on my tiptoes trying to get to a package well out of my reach. And I turned around, fully expecting to see my usual Helpful Tall Shop Assistant... and discovered one of my daughter's friends standing there. And I realized three things.

1. He was VERY tall.

2. His voice has gotten deeper since I last spoke to him five weeks ago.

3. He's old enough to work at the grocery store.


Two weeks ago, he was in first grade, shyly introducing himself to the Impertinent Daughter, with pale blond hair and apple red cheeks. Last week, he was sitting on the sidelines of a soccer game, tears streaming down his cheeks as I cleaned and bandaged his bloody knee while his mom was gone on a snacks run for half-time because the parent who was supposed to have brought snacks forgot. Yesterday, he was in fifth grade and excitedly telling me how he was going to be in marching band when he started junior high.

There is no way he's old enough to be working at the grocery store!!! NO!!!

Later, I was grabbing a bag of sugar, and heard, "Hi, Mrs. J!!" And there was a girl my daughter has known since... third grade. And... no. Just... no.

I found yet another teenager that my daughter played youth soccer with in the paper aisle. And it just went on and on, all these kids that in my head are still... little... and they're not. And then, when I was checking out, again, a girl from my daughter's class at the cash register, and a boy sacking my groceries, and saying, "Hey, Mrs. J, let me get the ice for you so you don't forget it."



It was bad enough when I realized three years ago that I could no longer perv on the high school boy's cross country track team, because... it was now half populated with boys I had known since they were four and five. But now, they're... turning into people!!

Totally skewed my world view, man!!

My daughter pretty much laughed at me when I got home and related all of this to her, and I had to confront the fact that my daughter is a senior and will be graduating next MAY!!!

*more hyperventilating*

Then, I went to get my hair cut, and she went along with me, and as my uber-awesome stylist was cutting my hair, she started saying, "Oh... my God." She'd cut more, huff, then go, "Oh. My. God." Then a grimace, another huff, and, "Omigod." Then, "Oh, my fucking GOD."

After the seventh repetition of this, I finally said, "Uh... what's going on?" Because the last time I heard that, I was 18 and the lady who had been cutting my hair since I was 11 was ready to kill my hair.

Ms. Stylist grimaced and said, "Your hair is frustrating me. It's never frustrated me before! I've been cutting your hair a long time, Auntie, and I've never seen it do this."

"Do what?" I asked, stunned.

"Well... it's... baby fine, and so... thick... and it's just... every time I cut a section and start to move on, something pops out and I realized I missed something, and I have to go back and cut it, and then something else pops out, and... it's kinda making me nuts here," she said grimly.

And that's when it dawned on me. My hair was coming back. The endocrinologist changed me off the Synthroid/Cytomel combo he had me on and put me on Armour Thyroid, because the S/C combo just wasn't helping. My hair was still falling out, I was still very fatigued, and just not getting better.

I knew my hair was coming back, and I was getting it cut because it was like wearing a wool mop on my head. And I knew it was getting thicker, because I was having to use heavier pony tail holders to pull it back. But... I didn't realize it had come back to the original texture of being baby fine and deceptively thick.

Ms. Stylist kept cutting and cutting, and fluffing and fluffing, and cutting more, and finally, she said, "Next hair cut, we're thinning this shit out!"

*dies laughing*

After we got home, the Impertinent One and I settled in for a "Bones" marathon while the Impossible Son went off to do boy things with his friend across the street, and the Husbandly One texted that he was going to have to work late.

Yeah, he was totally off buying my new SHINY!!!

*dance of joy, dance of joy*

Coolest. Husband. EVER.
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This is what happens when the Impertinent Daughter gets bored halfway through an assignment to write a journal entry as if she were a colonist who had managed to survive a year in one of the New World colonies in the 1600's...

"Friday, August 29, 1600-something -- Sunny. The recent arrivals to the colony were a great relief to all of us as they came with supplies. I mean, we have been trading with the Indians for food and some of their supplies, but... it isn't the same as using what we good English folk are used to using. Besides, if there is anything our new arrivals (and some poor, clueless souls here) should worry about, it's the werewolves. Those bloody pests have been getting too many a man as of lately! Tomorrow night is the full moon and some of the stronger men are going to go hunt them down and rid our colony of these beasts the illness. I think it may come from the water? Or whatever we have been eating. We basically live in a swamp. What the Indians don't give us and that the other colonial men pick up is probably not good for us. And then there's the natives themselves! I've seen some in the woods outside of the borders of our colony, but they don't venture too near. Probably because we're all obviously diseased here and they don't want it. Besides, they've got their own problems. I hear the werewolves are getting them, too. The infestation is worse than I thought diseases are spreading to them and from us no less! But, at the moment, that is of no matter, I have survived a year here in this new world colony, even if it is crawling with moonlight freaks a little dangerous... it is an occurrence worth writing about!"

Part of me wants her to turn it in just like that, but I'm fully aware that as it's only day three, and she doesn't know the teacher well, it's probably a little too early to be testing the bounds of the woman's good humor. Still, she's awesome, and incredible, and I love the skew in her humor!

Werewolves. Heh, heh... utterly wicked and delicious!!!

Catching up...

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 10:00 pm
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Okay, so... let's see... I went to see an orthopedic specialist two weeks ago about my knee. Verdict, yes, I banged it up good and proper, I also have osteo-arthritis in my right knee (not unexpected, considering the way I've injured it in the past), and... at some point will need intervention. I'm too young and active for knee replacement, he could do surgery to clean out all the crunch stuff in there, but it would come back eventually (also true), or there's an injection he could give me after the inflammation and irritation calms down in my knee called "Synvisc One" that would basically replace the fluid that lubricates and cushions the joints in my knee. He's had good results with that one, and it turns out that the mom of one of Mr. Impossible's team mates has had it and said, "OMG, Auntie... get it. It's wonderful. I can move, I can walk, and it doesn't hurt!!"

You know... I was doing pretty well there for a long time. I mean, I was able to run and play with my kids, and while stairs were tricky at times, mostly, things with Rice Crispy Knee were good. Until now.

So for the time being, Dr. S. gave me a steroid injection in Rice Crispy Knee to calm down the inflammation and help with the pain, and advised me to stay off of it as much as possible, no stairs, no bending it, no kneeling, no lifting, etc., and to use a crutch when I needed to walk around.

Okay, cool, I can do that, and I promise, I've been very, very good. Very good. Except, I haven't told my mom about it because... really, she would freak for no good reason, and right now, I just can't see the point of upsetting her. Really. Besides, I really, really don't want to hear the "Marching Band Ruined Your Health, And So Did Drum Corps, If You'd Only Stayed In Swimming And If You'd Only Gone to Bellaire High School, You'd Be So Much Better Off" lecture again. I got a five year break from that one, but now that she has Alzheimer's, she doesn't remember settling that one so... it's being recycled. Yay.

Last week, the Impertinent Daughter turned... sixteen.

*incipient freak-out*

Have I mentioned how awesome my daughter is? May the 4th is her birthday, it's Star Wars Day, and "The Avengers" came out in the theaters. TRIPLE BONUS!!! So... we took her to San Marcos for dinner at her favorite Chinese restaurant, where the Impossible Son got this in his fortune cookie...

If you can't read it, it says, "About time I got out of that cookie!"

After that, we went to the theater where I'd pre-ordered tickets and got in line. And hey, I just have to say, I really like this "ordering movie tickets online" thing, because the show was sold out!! It was awesome!! Yes, yes, I know, welcome to the 21st century, Auntie.

I learned a valuable lesson that day, too. The Impertinent Daughter is absolutely NEVER allowed to ever, ever, EVER drink Mountain Dew again. As far as she's concerned, it's a controlled substance. OMG... one of her friends gave her a can for her birthday, and she was feeling tired when she got home from school. She wanted to stay awake for the movie, she said, so she decided to drink the Mountain Dew with her snack. This is around 4:30 p.m.

Holy Mackinoly, y'all, that child was wired for sound!! I mean, seriously, she talked nonstop (except when she was eating, and even then it was a close thing) from 4:35 until 1 a.m.!!!! EVEN DURING THE MOVIE.

I would shush her so I could hear the dialogue, and I'll say this for her, unless her enthusiasm got away from her, she mostly kept her voice really soft and quiet, which had irritations of it's own, because I couldn't hear her well enough to understand her!! And she tried valiently to be quiet in the car on the way home after, but... chatter chatter chatter!!! At least it mostly made sense!!

"The Avengers" was ... awesome by the way!!! Just... oh, yeah, gonna go see that again just so we can catch what we missed the first time!!!

The Impossible Son had a soccer game Saturday, and didn't play like himself at all. By Saturday evening, he had a fever of 103 F (39.4 C). That was fun. Turned out to be a virus that's blasting its way through town. The Impertinent Daughter fell victim to it Sunday night, but her temperature didn't get as high as the Impossible One's did, thank goodness. Mr. Impossible missed Monday, and Miss Priss should be back at school tomorrow.

After her doctor's appointment tomorrow, I shall retire to the couch with pillows to prop up Rice Crispy Knee with an ice pack and not do one damn thing until the kids get home from school!!!
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So... the Impertinent Daughter and I went and saw "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt 1" last night at our tiny local cinema.

It was hard to talk the Husbandly One into letting us go without him, but I pointed out that the Impossible Son now gets very freaked out at scary things, whether it's on TV, in the movies, or in a book, so it made sense to scout out the movie first and get a feel for whether we thought he could handle it or not.

I missed most of the ending of "Half Blood Prince," because the Impossible Son and I hadn't gotten to Dumbledore's death yet (we were still reading the book), so he was completely unprepared for it when it happened in the movie. I can't believe I was so stupid about it, but I didn't want to spoil the book for him, and had one of those, "Duh, Stupid," moments of thinking waaaay too hard and not clicking that, duh, he'll see the movie and know how the book ends!! *head-desk* I spent most of the time after Dumbledore's death holding him while he cried quietly with his face buried in my shirt and his hands cutting off the circulation in my arms. Not one of my more brilliant mom moments, no.

He very much wants to see this movie, so... I wanted to be sure and see how many "Impossible Freak-Outs" there would be, and... there's a lot. So... I'll have to balance how much he wants to see it against how many nights I want to spend several hours guiding him through pushing the bad dreams that will inevitably result away.

Anyhow, the Impertinent One and I were determined to go, so after receiving THO's blessings (and possible forgiveness for seeing it before he does), I went early to buy tickets... just in case. Small town, small movie cinema... it just pays be be prepared. I asked if they had sold a lot of tickets yet (it was almost 7 p.m.) and the cashier smiled and said, "So far, we've sold about 60, but we're anticipating selling out. There's been a lot of phone calls over the last week, and there's probably going to be a lot of people buying tickets just before we start the movie."

That sounded about right, so I paid for the tickets and hurried home, because it was getting COLD!! A front moved in last night, so the temperature was dropping, which... sort of added to the mood, you know?

Anyhow, Miss Priss and I had to repress our excitement and do our usual evening things. Eating dinner. Doing homework. Pretending to read the paper or watch TV while really watching the clock. Heh.

When it was finally time and we got to the cinema, we found that so many people had come to watch the movie that they had to open a second theater! And that one was filling up!! It was awesome!!

I had no idea there were so many Harry Potter geeks in our town!!

They had a trivia game for free movie passes, and I was polite and only answered one of the questions, and we got two free movie passes!! SQUEE!! So when (and if) the four of us go to see it a second time, two of us will go free! SWEET!!

And we had a lot of fun, too! At 14, the Impertinent One is old enough to whisper back and forth with me as we make jokes, or complain about things they changed from the book, or notice Things (Or People) That Should Not Be There, like the hapless member of the film crew who got caught in a shot during one of the forest scenes, and had to creep away through the trees in the background. That was worth a bit muffled laughter on our parts!

I do want to make one querulous complaint.

Okay, so... we see Bellatrix Lestrange in "Order of the Phoenix" in prison. She's dirty, has matted hair, torn clothes, but... her teeth are clean and quite nice. And they look even better when she shows up in the Ministry. Then we see her again in "Half-Blood Prince," and again, nice, clean teeth.

So... where the hell did the mossy, snaggly, possibly-borrowed-from-a-dental-hygiene-challenged-troll teeth come from??? I'm just sayin'...

Anyhow, we sat there for a moment after it was over, going, "WHOA!!" and just ... trying to process it all. OMG... it was... like riding a roller coaster on a cold day with a sharp wind, and you forgot your hat and your eyes are constantly watering, but you don't want to stop or close your eyes, and... WHOA!!!

And Steve Kloves? Thanks for giving Hedwig a total BAMF moment. I think I fell in love with you a little bit for that!

WHOA!!! Just... WHOA!!!
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Something sort of... deja-vu-ish about today.

Yesterday, Mr. Impossible got stung by a bee during a make-up soccer game. He got fouled, knocked over, and landed on... a bee.


Popped a Benadryl in his mouth, put baking soda on it, and crossed my fingers. The swelling went down, and he seemed fine.

Then, this morning... hello delayed reaction!


Oh, and the Impertinent One? Yeah, running a fever this morning, so... she's home, too.

Did I mention the doctor's office was completely double-booked by ten minutes after 8 this morning?


Hello? Can someone stop this roller coaster, please? I'd like to get off now, kthnxbai!
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What I really want to do right now is fall face first into my bed and pass out for the next... oh, 72 hours, maybe?

It's been a long, long day, because I spent most of it with the Impertinent Daughter in the emergency room of South Austin Hospital. She woke up with stomach pain this morning, then started throwing up, and got very dehydrated. I took her in to see our family doctor, who was worried about appendicitis, so... he sent us to the emergency room in South Austin.

Since she had no fever, and her labs looked good, only showing dehydration from the vomiting, they gave her anti-nausea medication, pain meds, and put her on an I.V. We came home around 5 p.m., and she's now in bed with her Calcifer curled up against her neck, a paw placed proprietarily on her head so he can keep an eye on her. She's basically on "watch and wait" status at the moment, no school tomorrow, plenty of rest, plenty of fluids, that sort of thing.

Are we having fun yet?

*looks longingly at the bed*

Y'all have any idea how uncomfortable the chairs in E.R. bays tend to be? And you can only knit for so long before you start going buggy. I'll just keep my fingers crossed tonight that she's over whatever this was, and we don't have to go back to the E. R. or the doctor any time soon. And now, I'm going to go face-plant on the bed. Good night, everybody!

ETA: I should add that I knew she was doing better when she sat up and said, "I feel like drawing." When we'd left to go to the doctor, she forgot her sketchbook (which she never, ever does. Ever.) and when I stopped at the house to pick up a few necessary items before rushing on to the E.R., she sort of listlessly picked up her DS bag out of habit... but not her sketchbook. It was profoundly disturbing!
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Dear Bill Nye the Science Guy,

Thank you so much for teaching my children, especially the Impertinent Daughter, all about physics. You made learning science so much fun, and you also made it easy to apply what they learned.

In fact, my daughter learned a whole new way to apply the physics of centrifugal force! She learned that if you're running low on ketchup and want to get all that ketchup at the bottom of the jar to the top quickly, you can apply centrifugal force and this is what happens!!

Click to see what the Impertinent One learned! )
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The Husbandly One is in San Marcos having sinus surgery...

... and I'm here at home, because the Impertinent Daughter is running a fever with a very sore throat!

The agony of being pulled in two directions at once... AAAAUUGHH!!!


Friday, March 19th, 2010 09:28 am
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Yesterday was a pretty good day. The migraine is backing off (yay!), which is a huge relief, because my poor kids were stuck at home with a grouchy mom. It's spring break, so they're off from school. Not a good time for Mom to be curled up in bed with a blanket over her head!

The Husbandly One was off yesterday, because he needed to update the photo on his driver's license. I think the current photo is... over ten years old. That's all I feel safe to say, because I know it was taken after we moved here, and Miss Priss was just old enough to be walking. Yes, that long ago! So, yes, very much time for updating!

Anyhow, after he was done with that, we went to San Marcos to visit the library and turn in books. The manga section at the San Marcos Public Library has grown since we joined, but its growth cannot keep up with the Impertinent Daughter's voracious appetite, I'm afraid. That and there seem to be people who check the manga out... but never return them, so she's often stuck, either waiting for the next volume in the series she's reading, or skipping ahead, and knowing there's something she's missing. Putting holds on manga she wants to read will work... but only if the manga in question gets turned in!

After, we went to Academy, which is a sporting goods store for those who aren't in the know, because Auntie needed new shoes. I mean, come on, the sole was coming off one pair, and the others... *winces*.

Auntie is hard on her sneakers.

There was a pair I've had my eye on for a while, and I've been waiting for the price to go down, but... it just wasn't going down fast enough, and it's not like we couldn't afford them, but I do try to stick to a budget, you know? So, I had gone down the women's shoe aisle, found the shoes, and frowned when I saw that they'd only gone down to $59.99, and I wasn't so crazy about the color.

Then I remembered, hey... I've got small feet, and they have these shoes in boys sizes... I'll go look there!

So I did, and found a pair in my size and bonus, in a snazzy blue!! And... they were $29.99!! WOOT!!

Yes, Auntie is happy!

Last night, the local library had a "Mario Kart Wii" tournament for kids, so we went for the fun of it. We don't go to our local library much because, well... it sucks, as far as reading material goes. I used to think it was poorly funded, but then I realized that it sucks for the same reason book stores never last more than six months in this town.

No one in this town reads.


Yes, I know, it's appalling.


But, they always have interesting events at the library, and we've gone to some of them, and had a lot of fun. This was no different. The Impossible Son has been excited all week about this, so he pretty much burst into the library when we got there. He signed up immediately, and the Impertinent Daughter only signed up after much discussion with us. She said she was feeling a little too full after dinner, and wasn't sure she should, etc, but after a couple of older kids had signed up, she finally decided to join in, and had a great deal of fun. It's different playing against other kids, rather than just your parents and your brother.

The Impossible Son won two games, but came in second on his last game, so he ended up coming in fourth over all. The Impertinent Daughter, however... won the whole damn tournament!!

*dies laughing*

Pretty good for someone who didn't want to sign up in the first place! She won a $20 gift certificate to WalMart and promptly spent it on... sketchbooks. But then, y'all already knew that, right?

Yes, all in all, a good night for our little family. I'm pondering what to do today, though it looks cloudy and rainy. Maybe a movie? We'll just have to see!
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The Impertinent Daughter went back to school for half-days yesterday.

I know she was happy, even though she was also very nervous. But she handled it just fine, despite several bone-headed moves from the staff. Like the attendance clerk who expected Miss Priss to stand by her window and wait for the guidance counselor to walk down with her new schedule.

Hello? What part of "recovering from mono" didn't you understand?

Miss Priss lasted for about three minutes before she went white and started swaying.

I had already asked if we could just walk to the guidance counselor's office ("No, no, she'll be here in just a minute or so, just stand there and wait!"), so I caught my daughter under the arm, and turned to Mrs. Moron and said, "I'm taking my daughter to the front office to sit down," and started walking.

Of course, Miss Impertinent didn't make it that far, but it was okay, because there's a bench just outside the office, and once she was sitting on it, she was fine. Of course, I think somewhere in the attendance clerk's mind, she was convinced I had kept my daughter home out indulgence or something, or maybe I'm just a super overprotective mother in her mind, but seeing Miss Priss' white face and shakiness went a long way toward convincing her that Miss Priss had been genuinely ill.

Otherwise, everything else went fine.

Picked her up at what would have been lunch for her grade, made a quick stop at the store, and she pretty much went straight to bed and crashed when we got home. Once she was awake again, she was happy, and told me that not only had her friends missed her, but people she didn't really know that well but were in her classes missed her, too, and she got lots of hugs and enthusiastic greetings.

I know she's worried about recovery, though. She's so tired and feeling so weak, that she told me yesterday that she didn't know if she could do soccer camp this summer, because she's lost so much stamina, etc. I said, "Well, that's up to you, but I think if you start slow, you can build yourself back up again. You're not going to be able to play soccer this season, that's true, but I think by summer, you'll be back to running everywhere, and getting into as much mischief as usual."

We'll just have to see what we can do to help her.

The Impossible Son was happy to have her back in the car in the morning. "Now it feels like I'm going to school!" he said happily. He told me last week that he enjoys talking to me and having me all to himself in the mornings, but... he missed having his sister in the car. Even if she was sometimes grumpy in the morning, he still liked having her there. Which made me go "Awwww," but I know what he means. It took him a while to adjust to not having her at the same school when she went into sixth grade, and he said once, "When I start high school, will we be at the same school again?" and I had to tell him no. Why? Well, while she'll be a senior when he's a freshman, the schools in our town are set up so that freshman have a campus all their own, separate from the high school. So, while he might see her when practicing after school sports (because all practices are held at the high school) he won't see her during the school day. And that made him sad all over again!

So, I have the house to myself in the mornings again, and I'm starting to write again, which is good, and hopefully, I'll get back into a groove and start posting fic again. What a long dry spell this has been! You guys have no idea, I have been suffering writing withdrawals something awful!!
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The Husbandly One and I are both... well... geeks. Science fiction, fantasy, we read, we grew up on Star Trek, Star Wars, and all the stuff that childhood in the late sixties, early seventies entails. And there are certain phrases that we will bandy back and forth that make us laugh uproariously, but leave the Impertinent Daughter frowning and saying, "Er... what?? I don't get it..."

One that has really thrown her is when THO or I pop out with, "Brain, brain, what is brain?" at highly appropriate moments, and then fall apart laughing. "What's so funny about that?" she says, looking at us like we're nuts. Well, we are nuts, but that's neither here nor there.

So today, while the Impossible Son was playing at a friend's house, I got on and found the notoriously and infamously worst written episode of Star Trek ever put into production... "Spock's Brain."

Even the title sucks.

It is so awful, it's hilarious, in an entirely unintentionally funny way.

What gets me about that episode? If that's the script that actually made it to the point of being made... what the hell were the scripts they turned down like???

Anyway, she watched it with an air of disbelief, and burst out laughing at times. By the end, though, she got it. And will most likely die laughing with us when either THO or I quip, "Brain, brain, what is brain??"

It's a wonderful life...
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Well, so much for getting to bed early last night.

The Impertinent Daughter informed me at 8 p.m. last night that the Death Eaters administrators at her school decided that students were no longer allowed to be in possession of... rubber bands. Yes, that's right, folks, the kids are no longer allowed to have those extremely dangerous implements, rubber bands in their pockets, on their binders, in their hair, etc. Because they can use these extremely hazardous items to... launch paper.

*closes eyes, sighs, muttering "Ay-yi-yi" under her breath*

Give me strength, I swear. I'm wondering how many girls who wear ponytails on a regular basis are freaking out this morning because they can't put their hair up?

The reason this impacts us is because of the boxes I chose for my kids' bentos. They are temporary, but for now, they are the right size and depth. Only problem is, they have a tendency to pop open when a kid does something like swing them around, bump them into other kids, or walls, or tables, etc., with the end result of food everywhere. So... I just salvaged the big rubber bands that came with our newspaper and wrapped them around each end of the box... and problem solved.

Until now.

I offered to take some extra wide elastic and sew the ends together for her to replace the rubber bands.

No, that won't work, they still count as "rubber bands."

I said, "Okay, how about I get some fabric and make tubes to cover the elastic, you know, whip the ends together and you can use those? If they fuss, you can say they're headbands and pop one on to prove it!"

"Mom... we can't have headbands, either."

Because... they can be used to... launch paper.

My goodness, I had no idea paper was so... DANGEROUS!!

I brainstormed for a bit, then said, "Okay, fine, I've got some fabric, I'll make a bag."

The Husbandly One said, "That will take too much effort, and you don't have enough time. Besides, your sewing machine is broken, right?"

Well, the bobbin case is... acting up. Driving me nuts, actually. I need to replace it, but you know, at that time of night, it wasn't going to happen. Well, I went to work on my sewing machine, fixed the problem with the thread tension, got the bobbin case to stay put, and dug out the fabric, a roll of parchment, and my sewing box, and got to work.

Yes, I had to make a pattern. And I was up until nearly 2 a.m. working on it, because the bobbin case kept popping out every time the bobbin got too light (too little thread on it), because the handles I was making for the bag didn't turn out right, and I had to figure out how to re-do them, because one of the cats dumped out the entire contents of my sewing box on the floor (I'm still not sure I retrieved it all) and because I had to hand-sew one side of the bag.

But I did it. And I'll have a photo of it later on this afternoon. I would have taken a photo this morning, but the Husbandly One did not inform me he was having to leave early until ten minutes before he was going to leave, and that left me with no time for picture taking at all.

I will say it is not beautiful, or the most attractive bag I've ever made... but it's functional, and when the Impertinent Daughter saw it this morning, rather than being horrified by it, as I was fearing, she was delighted and immediately started drawing on it. She's very proud of it and happy with it, and I am relieved and wish I could very much go back to bed for a few hours BUT...

Miss Priss has a UIL Choir performance this afternoon AND a soccer game immediately after, and it's an away game. And I still have errands to run.

Caffeine... I must ingest mass quantities of caffeine today.

Oh, and I have a battle wound from sewing last night. I sewed my finger. Ouchies!! Next time, I shall be sure to keep my fingers far, far away from the needle!!

*goes in search of caffeine*
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The Impertinent Daughter has her first soccer game today. Her first game playing for her school, that is.

Remember how I said there were about 33 girls trying out for the 7th grade and 8th grade teams? Well... no one's been cut... yet. I think the coaches want to see how they do in this first game, and then decide.

*massive roll of eyes*

Miss Priss is going to play fullback and... middle sweeper?? I think that's the term her coach used. Oh, and forward. Her friend, B, is going to be goalie, which is a good thing, because while B may be the poster child for Stereotyping Blondes, she's a wickedly brilliant goalie. She's tall (meaning taller than me), thin, with excessively long legs that tend to fold up on her unexpectedly. She's very fast, can run forever, and you'd think she'd make an excellent forward or striker, because she's very focused and aggressive (on the field), but... there's the legs-folding-up thing. So, she's a goalie, and I have to say, in watching her play over the last four years, I've watched her do things she should not have been able to do.

Anyhow, this game should be interesting, simply because there's going to be about 16 girls sitting on the bench, and I think they play 11 v 11. Miss Priss said, "It's going to be weird, having subs." Because usually, playing in the rec leagues, we don't have enough kids on a team for more than one or two substitutes. She's gotten used to playing an entire game without a break.

Oh, and did I mention, she has to stay after school? They're not allowed to come home and eat and get ready, etc. They have to hang around at the school until the game starts at 5:30!! Meaning... they'll not have eaten since lunch. And no, the school is not going to provide a snack.

I should have realized, since the junior high is stupid about so many other things, that they'd be stupid about this, too. Apparently, they think the kids are going to either forget about the game and not come, do something vile to their uniforms in the interval between the end of classes, and arrival at the school for the game, eat something totally unsuitable and vomit during the game, or... hell if I know!!!

So, I packed a snack bento for Miss Priss along with her lunch bento. And if the coaches complain, they will bring the Wrath of Auntie down upon them. Because how the hell they expect the girls to play two 30 minute halves on NO FOOD since 11 a. m., I don't know. No wait... two 45 minute halves.

Sorry, I had to pause and let my blood pressure go down.

There are at least six girls on Miss Priss' team who have been in the rec league, that she's played on a team with at some time or other. I think I'll get together with their parents and see if they would like to approach the coaches with a "What the hell do you think you're doing??" argument, but phrased much more politely, and see if we can't rectify the situation. You know, along the lines of, "Do you want us to rotate and bring team snacks for the girls to eat before the game or during half-time? You see, we're pretty used to doing that, anyway, because our kids have been playing soccer for a long time..." yada, yada, yada.

Otherwise, I don't see how we can keep them from crashing, if you know what I mean! Otherwise, I'm going to find myself sneaking Miss Priss a Hershey bar or something to keep her charged.

*rolls eyes*

Oh, and yesterday's prank on THO was a huge success!! I waited until after I was sure he was at work, and I called him. He said he had set his phone on his desk, and when he heard it, he looked around, thinking, "Whose phone is that?"

One of his co-workers said, "THO, I think that's your phone."

He said, "No, it's not. Mine has a kind of samba ring-tone."

Another co-worker said, "No, dude, that's your phone."

He said, "Can't be. Where's that coming from?"

They said, "That's your phone!!"

He said, "Holy cow, that is my phone!" and answered it, but it had gone to voice mail at that point. He saw it was me and called me back, and I was laughing so hard when I answered it that he knew who had done it.

*dies again*

Then... as I said, I'd emailed friends and family to call him, and his phone rang all day long!!

I have to say, this is the best April Fool's Day prank I've ever pulled on him!!

Of course, he said, "Vengeance is a dish best served cold."

*dies laughing again*

We'll just see about that!!

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